Start the New Year with Your Best Possible Self


Key Takeaway:

  • This new year, don’t just set resolutions, try the Best Possible Self exercise to help you clarify your goals and increase your optimism in reaching them

The new year carries with it a rush of positive energy for a fresh start. You can practically taste the renewed motivation in the air. Gyms fill up, resolutions are set, and we’re all so excited to become a better of version of ourselves. Indeed, every new year carries with it more hope and momentum than the 365 days before it. Often associated with these times are setting resolutions and goals. Although not a bad practice in and of themselves, people often deviate from resolutions quickly and end up feeling deflated.

Rather than just setting resolutions, a journaling exercise called the Best Possible Self can help you clarify your goals and increase your optimism to kickoff the new year. In fact, you can use this exercise anytime you want a little more motivation to reach your goals. But what exactly is a Best Possible Self exercise?

The Best Possible Self exercise is a science-backed journaling practice in which we write about our best possible selves in the future. In studies, participants were asked to write about the best case scenario pertaining to all all aspects of their lives. This included their career, relationships, personal hobbies, health, leisure, and any other interests. Participants were told to be as imaginative and specific as possible and to not worry about feasibility. In research studies, this exercise was linked to increased positive moods and improved health that lasted months. In addition, it helped participants clarify their goals and while increasing their optimism on how to get there.

Benefits linked to the Best Possible Self exercise:

  • Clarify goals and how to reach them
  • More optimism
  • Increase in positive moods and happiness in the present
  • Sustained positive moods down the line

So this new year, to make the most of this momentous time, why not give the Best Possible Self exercise a try? It is a fun exercise in the moment as you can let your imagination take flight. The euphoria that comes with doing this exercise can be experienced right away as our minds take us to a place where all of our dreams come true.  Though it is an exercise of the imagination, it is as if we were transported to that reality right away. Sometimes, while doing this exercise, we come up with things that we didn’t know we wanted and our actual desires become clearer. All in all, the exercise is worth trying not only for its scientific benefits but also because it is a delight in and of itself.

If you’re interested in trying this powerful exercise, Emotewell offers an easy way to get started. You can start journaling right away the Best Possible Self exercise among other science-backed journaling exercises. We provide you with detailed prompts to guide you through with well-researched tips. These tips help you stay true to the science behind the exercises so that you can reap the most benefits. You can also securely save your thoughts and come back to self-reflect whenever you want. Never again do you have to worry about misplacing your physical journal or losing your entries. And if you ever want to nerd out, we have a whole section where you can read up on research studies and understand the psychology behind the exercise.

So this year, don’t just set resolutions, use Emotewell to jumpstart your goals with the Best Possible Self exercise. You’ll feel the positive energy of your dreams right away and, you never know, it could be the start of them all coming true!