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Personalized Journal for Well-Being. Backed by Science.

Digital Journal for Well-Being

Find science-backed prompts that can increase mindfulness, motivation, and happiness.

Better Sleep
Use exercises such as gratitude journaling that can ease anxiety, manage stress and improve sleep.
More Positivity
Practice your positive thinking and gratitude to handle any obstacle and enjoy the little things in life.
Improved Relationships
Transform your perspective on how to navigate relationship conflicts and complete exercises that can build affection.
Practice Self-Love
Learn how to accept your emotions for what they are and make time for yourself to build up your self-esteem and make healthier choices.

Befriend Your Emotions, Build Resilience

Psychology Insights

Learn what decades of psychology research has to say about topics such as gratitude, relationships and much more!

Guided Journaling Prompts

Easily follow step-by-step journaling prompts that can declutter your emotional mind and build resilience. 

Personalized Growth

Follow your progress by saving your journal entries. Read back on past entries to self-reflect and see your own growth.

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Our Exercises

Carefully curated and backed by scientific research, our journaling prompts are delivered personally to you

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Scientifically Backed

Access journaling exercises backed by leading research that can be easily completed within our platform.

Designed for You

Choose from goals that speak to you and meet your needs – all while maintaining peace of mind that your privacy and security is maintained.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress within our platform. And don’t worry – your writings are kept private for your eyes only.

What are people saying?

“I love Emotewell’s ability to improve emotional wellbeing and think it is essential especially given what we’re going through.”

– Shrivia in Pennsylvania
“Emotewell helps me feel more focused, and allows me to think through things I don’t usually. It’s a great way to organize my thoughts and prioritize what’s important to me.”

– Tina in San Francisco
“I immediately felt a clarity of mind with Emotewell. It allowed me to feel happier through expressing myself and discovering who I am.”

– Garin in Seattle

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