How Journaling can Boost Productivity and Help You Achieve Your Dreams 

While setting goals is often touted as a best practice for modern success, achieving our goals is often fraught with obstacles. In fact, most New Year resolutions fail and 43% are abandoned by the mere end of January. While many tools exist to help us, journaling is a less lesser known tool that can be a powerful ally in our quest to achieve success. According to research, journaling can not only help us clarify our goals but increase our motivation in reaching them. In this article, we explore how you can harness the power of journaling to reach your goals and increase productivity, while introducing you to some transformative  exercises that can kickstart your journaling practice.

Journaling can often help us clarify our emotions and desires. The simple act of putting down our thoughts can help us sift through any pressures that we may be facing, reconnect with our true selves, and help us uncover our deepest desires. In addition, releasing any stress or anxiety associated with accomplishing our goals can help pave the way to more productivity and motivation. 

But are there any best practices for journaling that can help us better reach our goals? In fact, according to science, there are. Read below for some specific guided journaling prompts and how they can help you reach your ultimate dreams. 

Best Possible Self Exercise

One transformative journaling exercise is the “Best Possible Self” exercise. In this exercise, imagine your life several years from now, where you are living your ideal life in all relevant areas of life. You would cover areas such as your professional, relationships, hobbies, health, family, and any other area that you feel is important to you.

Research shows that writing about our ideal futures can not only increase our optimism but also help us think through what we need to do to achieve those goals. It can also help us clarify what we want and understand ourselves better. By writing in detail about this ideal version of yourself, you not only clarify your aspirations but also create a powerful motivational force that propels you forward.

Self-Compassion Exercise

Journaling can also help us cultivate  self-compassion, which has been linked to greater motivation, less stress and more life satisfaction. With the self-compassionate journaling exercise , you practice treating yourself with kindness and understanding, even in the face of setbacks.  In a self-compassionate journaling exercise, write about your struggles without judgment, and then extend the same kindness and understanding to yourself that you would to a close friend. This exercise helps you build resilience and maintain a positive outlook, even in the face of adversity as you work towards your goals. By allowing you to not only maintain but also increase your motivation even in the face of setbacks, self-compassionate journaling can be a powerful tool in helping your achieve your goals. 


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